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Concentrated Textile Auxiliaries

Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Product Name Concentration (%) Description
Altranol-DTC / Conc 96 ± 3
  • It has excellent crypto anionic detergent, high wetting & dispersing power with effective carrying capacity for soil & fats.
  • Is an efficient desizing agent & enables removal of all synthetic sizes.
Altranol-JET-ECO 80 ± 3
  • A low foaming high performance nonionic detergent designed for the preparation of cotton, synthetic & blended fabrics in machines of high liquor turbulence such as jet, soft-flow & package dyeing machines as well as continuous processing systems.
Altranol-LRW / Conc 80 ± 3
  • A low foaming, solvent free, APEO free detergent and scouring agent with good wetting agent for scouring of cotton yarn knits, terry towels, fabrics and cotton blends.
Altranol-MRN 80 ± 3
  • Nonionic wetting, washing and cleaning agent free from APEO, silicone and solvents for all types of fibers.
Altranol-NIN Liq 80 ± 3
  • Wetting and deaerating agent for pre treatment and dyeing of cellulosic fibers and their blends.
Altranol-OL / Conc 96 ± 3
  • Anionic scouring agent, wetter & detergent with excellent oil & grease removing properties.
  • Is an efficient desizing agent & enables removal of all synthetic sizes.
Altranol-RW 85 ± 3
  • Wetting agent and detergent with very good re-wetting action and extremely low foaming, for discontinuous pretreatment processes on cellulosic and their blends with synthetics.
Perostab-PFS 100
  • An economical organic peroxide stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton and cellulosic blends by batch and continuous process.
Defoam-337 100
  • A non-silicone defoamer, suitable for all textile processing operations.
Defoam-JSA 100
  • Is a 100% active, specially formulated antifoam composition.
  • It imparts low-foaming characteristics to clear, high actives, scour surfactant concentrate formulations.
Altranol-WAK 100
  • Moderate foaming wetting agent and detergent and bleach bath additives for batch wise pretreatment and continuous immersion processes.
  • Suitable for application in jets.
Defoam-PWB / Conc 100
  • A silicone based defoamer, stable to alkaline pH, high temperature and salt.
  • Suitable for cotton pre-treatment and dyeing.
Denimax-GC 100
  • To give grey cast on denim like laccase short process time.
  • Less degradation of cotton results in less loss in tensile & tear strength.
Lubassist-C / Conc 100
  • A concentrated, economical lubricating and crease preventing agent for cotton, polyester and their blends. Readily dilutable.
Modlube-ACA 85 ± 3
  • Effective dye bath non-polymeric lubricant for cellulosic, polyester & their blends.
  • Stable to high concentration of alkali and electrolyte.
  • Possesses emulsifying properties for residual oils, waxes.
  • Suitable for single-bath scour-dye process for 100% polyester.
Alquat-RD / Conc 70 ± 3
  • Formaldehyde free dye-fixing agent for improving wet fastness of reactive & direct dyes on cellulosic fibers.
  • Imparts excellent wash fastness of direct & reactive dyed fabrics to water, perspiration, wet ironing, sea -water & laundering.
Altranol-PV / Conc 100
  • It is an excellent dye complexing agent aid where over dyed shades on yarn or piece goods have to be reduced in depth while still maintaining the general shade of the character of the original dyein
  • Is an excellent back stain preventing agent for denims.
  • It functions as a stripping agent for dyeing obtained with vat, Sulphur, reactive and direct dyes.
  • It is an excellent fulling and scouring agent for wool.
Altranol-SWH / Conc 95 ± 3
  • A low foaming wetting and deaerating agent for continuous as well as exhaust application particularly for dyeing of yarn packages.
Altraplex-CP / Conc & Altraplex-SAP 90 ± 3
  • Is an efficient dispersant (protective colloid) and chelating agent for all stages in dyeing of textiles made form cellulosic and blends.
Altraplex-SBA 100
  • Single bath bleaching auxiliary.
Allenol-EHC 70 ± 3
  • Anionic, non-foaming wetting agent for continuous and discontinuous dyeing of cellulosic fibers and their blends with synthetic fibers.
Ecosoft-600 100
  • Is an organophosphonate with multi functional properties like sequestration, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability, as a single active ingredient.
  • One of the most important applications is in scale prevention and corrosion inhibition in water treatment.

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