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Wetting Agents Core Alkali Neutralizer Desizing/Scouring Agents for Denim PP (Potassium Permanganate) Neutralizer / Hypochlorite/Residual Peroxide Neutralizer
Lubricants Back Stain Preventors Permanent Wrinkle/ 3D Effect / Resin Finish Tear Strength Improving Agent
Antiozonates Polyurethane Softener Special Effects on Denim & Garments Cationic Organic Softeners
Silicone Softeners Glossy / Lustre Effect


Product Name Ionicity Function Key Features
Aquasorb OZ Cationic Antiozonate organic softener Protect indigo dyestuff against ozone & NOX fading. Ask for Price
Powersil NOZ Nonionic Antiozonate silicone based softener Exhaustible amino silicone emulsion formulated specifically for denim. It prevents oxidative degradation of indigodye by ozone Ask for Price

Polyurethane Softener

Product Name Ionicity Function Key Features
Permafin Nano PU Amphoteric/ Anionic A nano-dispersion self-crosslinking polyether polyurethane Anti-pilling treatments
Upgrade of resin finish treatments
Increased durability of selected softeners and resin finishes
Durable hydrophilic finishes on all fibres
Improved wet and dry rub fastness
Ask for Price
Permafin UR Amphoteric Formaldehyde free, reactive, self-crosslinking, permanent polyether polyurethane polymer The basic handle is soft &high bulk Additive for low-formaldehyde resin finishing. Improves abrasion resistance and rub fastness. Reduces pilling Fibre-bonding agent Ask for Price
Permafin ZF Amphoteric Non-formaldehyde Urethane finish based on non-yellowing urethane pre-polymer with built-in catalyst It is designed to impart a naturally soft peaches hand, high impact resilience, down proof finish coupled with durable hydrophilicity Ask for Price

Special Effects on Denim & Garments

Product Name Ionicity Function Key Features
Alquat BBA Nonionic Concentrated powder form bleach bath accelerator designed for catalyzing faster formation of active bleaching species resulting in enhanced productivity and optimizing the quantity of hypo chlorite required Results in lowering the damage to the garments cause by hypo chlorite and also minimize occurrence of streaks and localized abrasion. Reduced quantities of objectionable gases and odour in the local environment Substantial reduction Ask for Price
Alquat CLA Cationic Bleach bath accelerator designed for catalyzing faster formation of active bleaching species resulting in enhanced productivity and optimizing the quantity of hypo chloride required Eco friendly and environmentally safe. Sand Blast Effect: Alquat CLA in thickened form is applied by brush or sprayed on the garment followed by line drying, subsequent bleaching step results in the sprayed/ painted areas being lighter in contrast to the rest of the garment May be applied in a pattern by a hand brush on all the parts of the garment which need to be highlighted, followed by drying, subsequent bleaching step achieves the desired results. Ask for Price
Denimax GC Nonionic To give grey cast on denim like laccase Short process time. Less degradation of cotton results in less loss in tensile & tear strength Ask for Price
Ultrafresh MG Nonionic Product to produce unique bleach finishes. Effect produced: Cracked look/ Ice look / Bright white look / Black sky look/Ocean look/Frost Finish looks Ask for Price

Cationic Organic Softeners

Product Name Ionicity Function Key Features
Profinish 2091 Cationic Cationic softener. Carboxylic acid amide derivative Gives excellent softness & surface smoothness to all type of fabric substrates. Non-yellowing Ask for Price
Profinish NY Cationic Cationic silicone blend Imparts soft smooth bulky hand / low foaming and does not impart fabric whiteness with hydrophilicity. Non yellowing & suitable for whites Ask for Price
Profinish-WH Anionic Anionic low foaming organic softener Imparts soft smooth bulky hand / low foaming and does not impart fabric whiteness with hydrophilicity. Ask for Price
Textile Finisher EXL Cationic Cationic/silicone blend Gives excellent surface smoothness & softness with improved wash durability Ask for Price

Silicone Softeners

Product Name Ionicity Function Key Features
Aquasil TSP Weakly cationic It is a durable hydrophilic silicone softener designed to exhibit luxuriously soft & flexible hand feel to all types of cellulosic, regerated cellulosic & cellulosic blends of fabrics & garments, irrespective of composition & structure. Stable over wider range of temperature. Improved soft, smooth hand and soil release properties
Non-yellowing & shear stable.
It exhibits smooth and greasy voluminous hand on terry while retaining the fabrics original water absorbency & pile.
Ask for Price
Dermasil-LIQ Nonionic Semi-micro emulsion of modified amino silicone. Treated garment exhibits excellent surface smoothness. Ultra low yellowing & excellent results in wrinkle free systems. Gives excellent results in resin finish bath Ask for Price
Sylast-FG-8 Nonionic Micro emulsion of organo modified silicone. It imparts a soft, smooth and wet handle with excellent durable body Widely acknowledged as one of the best silicone emulsions for garment washing, especially for denim and twill as it does not make the garment limpy Ask for Price
Demasil-6844 Nonionic Concentrated micro emulsion of Reactive amino modified silicone Treated fabric imparts very soft, lively smooth handle. Ask for Price
Powersil-171 Nonionic Concentrated micro emulsion of amino modified silicone Treated fabric imparts very soft, excellent surface smoothness. Ask for Price
Powersil-360 Nonionic/weakly cationic A power packed softener & hand modifier based on proprietary engineered hybrid polysiloxane & APEO free surfactants. It imparts a typically soft, waxy, peaches type handle to fabrics The micro emulsion is specifically designed to ensure optimum orientation of the modified siloxane on fabric substrates, during drying, enabling unsurpassed balance of surface slickness & smooth hand, improved definition of colours, enhanced fabric physical properties, reduced bending rigidity & optimized drape. Treated fabric gives least amount of thermo migration in polyester fabrics. Ask for Price

Glossy / Lustre Effect

Product Name Ionicity Function Key Features
Texcoat GF Anionic Glossy effect Texcoat-GF is a product formulated to achieve shiny effects without the use of a press. Ask for Price
Permafin PUD Anionic Lustre coating Permafin-PUD is the water dispersing emulsion of a non-yellowing type urethane polymer and acrylic
It is suitable for all kinds of coating processing (Luster coating etc.)
Ask for Price
Permafin UC Anionic It is an aqueous polyurethane dispersion for coating of textiles & non-wovens. High elasticity
Gives a soft rubbery handle
Suitable for mechanical foaming
High light fastness and UV resistance
Ask for Price

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