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Scouring Agent Bleaching Agent Leveling Agents Wool Protecting Agents
Prevent Photobleaching Acid Donor Antisetting & bulking Lubricant & Wet Waxing Agents
Colour Stripping Insect Repellent / Vector repellent / Moth Proof Finish Dyefixing Agent Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Finish
Antifelt & Wool Setting Agent Finishing Agents

Colour Stripping

Product Name Description
Altraplex WSA Is developed as a wool colour stripping agent. Is a reducing bleaching agent which whitens or decolorizes a substance by reacting with the chromophores that are responsible for the color of the substance. Chromophore is reduced with Altraplex WSA to produce a colorless or whitened substance. Ask for Price

Insect Repellent / Vector repellent / Moth Proof Finish

Product Name Description
Saniguard BT-988 It is a mothproofing agent against implication of moths, carpet coleopters, hair coleopters and their larvae. Moth & beetle-proofing agent for the treatment of wool & wool blends, feathers & animal hairs. Saniguard-BT-988 treated uniforms or garments have a knock-down effect on flying insects like mosquitoes and files and on crawling insects like ants, mites and cockroaches Ask for Price
Sanigurad EPA Moth & beetle-proofing agent for the treatment of wool & wool blends, feathers & animal hairs. Ask for Price

Dyefixing Agent

Product Name Description
Dyefix-NBS/Conc Is a concentrated fixing agent for acid dyeing on nylon & wool fabrics. Unlike ordinary tannic acid and tartar emetic fixing method, it enables one bath fixing and therefore fixing process and time can be shortened. Ask for Price

Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Finish

Product Name Description
Saniguard-7500 It is an anti-microbial agent imparts durable, broad spectrum, bio-static activity to the surface of a wide variety of substrates. It is leach resistant & non-migrating & is not consumed by microorganisms. Effective against grain positive & gram negative bacteria, fungi, algae & yeast’s. Ask for Price

Antifelt & Wool Setting Agent

Product Name Description
Dermaset-BAP For felt free finishing of wool & wool blends without pre-chlorination. Improves dimensional stability & abrasion resistance. Reduces pilling & snagging. Ask for Price
Dermaset 342 Is unique auxiliary designed for chemical setting of wool and woolen blends

Finishing Agents

Product Name Description
Finishing Agents Durable flame retardant finish for wool & nylon fabric. Ask for Price
Modfinish PNLI Cation-active, substance feel modifier for synthetic fibres and their blends with wool and cellulosic fibres. Specially suitable for acrylics
Permafin UR Formaldehyde free, self cross linking, permanent hydrophilic polymer. For use in felt free finishing of wool in combination with Dermaset BAP. Reduces pilling.
Powersil-HM Plus Shear stable non yellowing silicone softener to exhibit very soft & smooth handle
Profinish-UK Cationic softener. Softening agent for acrylic fibres, synthetic, cellulosic and their blends with wool
Sylast-FG4 Its application improves sewability and protects the fibre from damage during high speed knitting processes. When added to stationary or slow-moving liquor, it is very effective on wool fibres, imparting a rich smooth handle with an elastomeric effect. Also enhances the bulky wool-like effect of acrylic fibre and gives it a soft, natural handle. The elastomeric effect of Sylast-FG4 maintains stretchability on cotton knit fabrics.
Topsoft SM It is nonionic oil in water semi-micro emulsion of reactive organo modified poly siloxane containing ultra low levels of surfactants. It imparts excellent softness & slick surface smoothness.
Powersil AS-30 Shear stable non yellowing silicone softener to exhibit very soft & smooth handle


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