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Product Name Conc. Function
Alquat-8682 70 It is an excellent polyester weight-reducing accelerator in caustic alkaline baths applicable by dipping process & pad-steam process. Its addition at low levels of 0.2% to 0.5% in caustic baths commonly boosts the rate of hydrolysis by over 400% even with 50% reduction of caustic soda concentration. It causes a rapid loss in fabric weight and a uniform decreases in fabric diameter without any detrimental effect on fabric strength, yarn breaking load. Ask for Price
Altranol-BX/conc 80 It is a speciality Non-ionic auxiliary for increasing the wettability & penetration of processing liquors during application, and enhancing the absorbency and hydrophilic character of all textile materials. It has a relatively lower foam profile against anionic and non-ionic wetters and is an excellent deaerator Ask for Price
Altranol-DTC/conc 96 It has excellent crypto anionic detergent, high wetting & dispersing power with effective carrying capacity for soil & fats. Is an efficient desizing agent & enables removal of all synthetic sizes. Ask for Price
Altranol-EB 85 Oxidative rapid desizing & wetting agent for cellulosics & its blends with synthetics. Separate enzymatic process can be eliminated by effecting considerable savings in time energy & water. Can be used for cold pad batch one bath desize scour bleach. Ask for Price
Altranol-ELB/conc 70 Special product based on organic and special clay chemistry for blends with elastane fibres (lycra, dorlastan,spandex). It has very good wetting, scouring & emulsifying properties. Excellent removal of waxes, mineral oils, silicone oil & other impurities. APEO free. Ask for Price
Altranol-JET-ECO 80 Is a low foaming high performance Non-ionic detergent designed for the preparation of cotton, synthetic & blended fabrics in machines of high liquor turbulence such as jet, soft-flow & package dyeing machines as well as continuous processing systems. Ask for Price
Altranol-LRW/conc 80 A low foaming, solvent free, APEO free detergent and scouring agent with good wetting agent for scouring of cotton yarn knits, terry towels, fabrics and cotton blends Ask for Price
Altranol-MRN 80 Non-ionic wetting, washing and cleaning agent free from APEO, silicon and solvents for all types of fibres. Ask for Price
Altranol-NIN Liq 80 Wetting and deaerating agent for pre treatment and dyeing of cellulosic fibres and their blends Ask for Price
Altranol-OL/Conc 96 Anionic scouring agent, wetter & detergent with excellent oil & grease removing properties. Is an efficient desizing agent & enables removal of all synthetic sizes. Ask for Price
Altranol-RW 85 Wetting agent and detergent with very good re-wetting action and extremely low foaming, for discontinuous pretreatment processes on cellulosics and their blends with synthetics. Ask for Price
Altranol-SC- 722/Conc 70 All-in-one, low foaming one bath scouring and peroxide bleaching agent for cotton. It acts a wetting agent, detergent and peroxide stabilizer. Ask for Price
Altraplex-NV/Conc 100 pH buffer for neutralizing alkaline finishing processes. Ask for Price
Defoam-337 100 A non-silicone defoamer suitable for all textile processing operations Ask for Price
Defoam-JSA 100 Is a 100% active, specially formulated antifoam composition. This product has been developed to impart low-foaming characteristics to clear, high actives, scour surfactant concentrate formulations. Ask for Price
Altranol-RW 85 Low faom wetting/scuoring agent. Ask for Price
Altranol-WAK 100 Moderate foaming wetting agent and detergent and bleach bath additives for batchwise pretreatment and continuous immersion processes. Suitable for application in jets. Ask for Price
Defoam-PWB/Conc 100 A silicone based defoamer stable to alkaline pH, high temperature and salt. Suitable for cotton pretreatment and dyeing. Ask for Price
Denimax-GC 100 To give grey cast on denim like laccase Short process time. Less degradation of cotton results in less loss in tensile & tear strength Ask for Price
Ecosoft-600 100 Is an organophosphonate with multifunctional properties like sequestration, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability, as a single active ingredient. Because of the combination of these properties It has a wide range of applications. One of the most important applications is in scale prevention and corrosion inhibition in water treatment. Ask for Price
Lubassist-C/Conc 100 A concentrated, economical lubricating and crease preventing agent for cotton, polyester and their blends. Readily dilutable Ask for Price
Lubassist-JET/Conc 40 It is a high molecular weight, Non-ionic emulsion polymer. This product provides exceptional fiber/fiber and fiber/metal lubricity. Reduces garment/fabric to metal friction. Garments/fabric run better & more dependably in machines, no chafe marks or streaks. Ask for Price
Modlube-ACA 85 Effective dye bath non-polymeric lubricant for cellulosics, polyester & their blends. Stable to high concentration of alkali and electrolyte Possesses emulsifying properties for residual oils, waxes Suitable for single-bath scour-dye process for 100% polyester Ask for Price
Perostab-PFS 100 An economical organic peroxide stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton and cellulosic blends by batch and continuous process Ask for Price
Perostab SF/conc 100 An organic peroxide stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton and cellulosic blends by batch and continuous process Ask for Price
Altraplex-SBA 70 Powder multifunctional beaching agent. Only peroxide required for bleaching. Ask for Price

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