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Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries

Defoamers Wetter/Deaerating Agent For Dyeing Lubricating Agents Buffer/Levelling/Dispersing/Sequestering Agent  
Acid Donor Dyeing Agent Wool Protecting Agents Anti Migrating Agent
Levelling Agents During Dyeing Sequestering Agent Chlorine Fastness Improver Dye Fixing Agents
Oligomer Remover/Machine Cleaning Agents Soda Ash Replacement/Sodium Silicate Replacement Fixer Core Alkali Neutralizer
Washing Off/Soaping Agent Reduction Clearing Agent Cationiser Printing Softeners Auxiliaries

Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries are formulated and integrated solutions for meeting the demands for fabric dyeing and printing applications. The products are specially developed for meeting the specific dyeing requirements of complete range of fibers including wool, silk, polyamide, polyesters and other cellulose substrates.

Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries Features:
  • Assist in trouble-free dyeing process in variety of textile processes and applications
  • Dyes used are specific for particular substrate and come classified in regard to their substantively, chemical constitution, fiber type and application method
  • Offering substantively to fiber types in exhaust dyeing process
  • Comes with suitable binder support
For delivering best end results, we closely follow the criteria involving:
  • Providing solutions that deliver optimum levelness and depth/shade of dyeing
  • Properties of dyes involving its solubility/dispersing capabilities
  • Superior fastness properties
  • Can handle broad range of printing styles including dyed, discharge, direct and resist
  • Suitable for processes involving roller printing, screen printing, block printing, spray printing and foam printing
  • Suitable for different types of printing including Reactive, Disperse, Pigment, Vat, Rapid, Naphthol/Base


Product Name Ionicity Description
Defoam-337 Non-ionic It is a 100% active nonsilicone liquid defoamer to be used in a variety of textile operations. Ask for Price
Defoam-PWB Non-ionic Silicone based foam control agent for chemical pulp
production & textile applications.
Ask for Price
Defoam-FFO Non-ionic Mineral oil free reinforced foam control agent. Ask for Price
Altranol-RW Non-ionic Very low foam wetting agent/detergent with re-wetting
property for cellulosics, synthetics & blends
Ask for Price

Wetter/Deaerating Agent For Dyeing

Product Name Ionicity Description
Altranol-K Anionic It is a low foaming wetting deaerating padding auxiliary in continuous dyeing and in the pad-jig process with cotton and polyester/cotton blend fabrics Ask for Price
Altranol-SWH Anionic Low foaming wetting and deaerating agent for
continuous dyeing as well as exhaust application
particularly for dyeing of yarn packages
Ask for Price

Lubricating Agents

Product Name Ionicity Description
Lubassist-JET/C Non-ionic It is a high molecular weight, Non-ionic lubricant for all wet
processing purpose.
Ask for Price
Lubassist-S Non-ionic It is a high efficiency dyebath lubricant designed for use on
polyester fabrics to prevent crease formation, rope & crack
Ask for Price
Modlube-ACA Anionic Effective dye bath nonpolymeric lubricant for cellulosic’s, polyester & their blends. Ask for Price
Profinish-LU Non-ionic Dye bath lubricant. Ask for Price
Profinish-L Anionic Lubricant for use in pretreatment, dyeing and after treatment Ask for Price
Profinish-NPF Weakly cationic Wet waxing and softening agent Ask for Price

Buffer/Levelling/Dispersing/Sequestering Agent  

Product Name Ionicity Description
Dytec-DF Anionic Low foam, highly concentrated detergent to improve scouring & bleaching efficiency of woven & knitted fabrics Ask for Price
Dytec-SDBL Anionic It is a high performance, lowfoam auxiliary with excellent
dispersing, buffering and sequestering action during
the dyeing of disperse dyes on 100% polyester and on
polyester blended fabric, yarn and loose-stock.
Ask for Price
Dytec-VSB Non-ionic Is an unique high temperature stable acid buffer and core alkali neutralizer for disperse dyeing in blend with viscose Ask for Price

Acid Donor

Product Name Ionicity Description
Dytec-MCH Non-ionic Acid donor and pH regulator for dyeing polyamide fibres with anionic dyes. Ask for Price
Dytec-NYL Non-ionic Acid donor and pH regulator for dyeing polyamide fibres with anionic dyes. Ask for Price

Dyeing Agent

Product Name Ionicity Description
Dycar-PEW Anionic Carrier [dyeing accelerator for polyester and its blend] Ask for Price
Dylev-EC/CB Non-ionic Low foaming, eco friendly diffusion accelerant with
levelling action for dyeing of polyester & its blends.
Ask for Price

Wool Protecting Agents

Product Name Ionicity Description
Altraplex-PW Non-ionic Fibre protecting agent for wool in the dyeing of wool
& its blends at higher temperatures.
Ask for Price
Dylev-HTP Anionic Formaldehyde free wool protecting agent. Ask for Price
Altraplex-WPA/conc Anionic A special fibre protective agent for Wool when dyeing PES/WO blends at temperatures up to max 120°C. Ask for Price

Anti Migrating Agent

Product Name Ionicity Description
Altraplex AMK/CB Anionic Antimigrating agent for pigment Ask for Price

Levelling Agents During Dyeing

Product Name Ionicity Description
Allendet-DKI Amphoteric Levelling agent for direct, vat and sulphur dyestuffs Ask for Price
Dytec-AO Anionic Levelling Agent for Reactive Dyes Ask for Price
Dytec-LD-VRD Amphoteric Levelling Agent for Reactive & direct dyes Ask for Price
Dylev-DLP Anionic Levelling & dispersing Agent for disperse dyes Ask for Price
Dylev-SF Non-ionic Leveling agent for the hightemperature dyeing of polyester fibres Ask for Price
Dylev-DIF Anionic Levelling dispersing and migrating agent with diffusion
accelerating effect for use in dyeing polyester with disperse
dyes under HT conditions
Ask for Price
Dylev-TOP Anionic Dispersing and Levelling agent during polyester dyeing with disperse dyes Ask for Price
Modlev-DLP Anionic It is a dispersing-cum-leveling agent for use in rapid , high
temperature of polyester with disperse dyes.
Ask for Price
Modfor-EL Non-ionic It is a dispersing and levelling agent for disperse dyes. Ask for Price
Modlev-ST Non-ionic Levelling agent for use is polyester fabrics rapid dyeing Ask for Price
Altraplex-IW Non-ionic Levelling agent for dyeing wool with 1:2 metal complex
dyestuffs with no free sulpho groups
Ask for Price
Dylev-FBSE Amphoteric Versatile leveling agent for wool, polyester polyamide &
Ask for Price
Dylev-SMK Amphoteric Versatile leveling agent for wool, polyester polyamide &
Ask for Price
Dylev-NT Non-ionic Auxiliary for dyeing wool at low temperatures or with a shorter time dyeing at 98 degree C. Ask for Price
Dylev-NL-2 Anionic Leveling agent in the dyeing of polyamide fibres with acid
dyestuffs, 1:2 metal complex & direct dyes.
Ask for Price
Dylev-ACR Cationic Retarding & leveling agent for the dyeing of polyacrylonitrile fibres with cationic dyestuffs Ask for Price
Dyeretard-PAN Cationic Retarding & leveling agent for the dyeing of polyacrylonitrile fibres with cationic dyestuffs Ask for Price
Dytec-DAN Anionic It is a high performance, nonstaining dispersing agent for the producing level dye shades on polyester with disperse dyes in high temperature exhaust dyeing systems. Ask for Price

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